Thursday, 29 October 2009

The American Scene

After my introduction to screen printing on Tuesday I thought I would check out the American Scene exhibition at the Witworth art gallery. The exhibition looks at American print making from the early 1900's to 1960. I found this really interesting and was especially drawn towards the work of Leonard Baskin who had two large woodcut prints. The first "The Hydrogen Man" was a disturbing piece which depicts a human figure whose skin has been striped by the blast of a hydrogen bomb this encapsulated the post war anxiety of nuclear testing. His other work "Man Of Peace" shows a half naked man trapped within a barbed wire fence holding a dead bird. This iconic image was very symbolic and captures man's dogged pursuit of peace against the odds. I really like the boldness of the images and the message behind them. Overall I found the exhibition really inspiring and gave me some good ideas for my project. It was interesting to see how print making had changed over the years and I would definitely recommend seeing the exhibition.

The Hydrogen Man

Man Of Peace

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